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Scheduled Shutdowns and Downtimes

Nov 8th 5:00 PM to Nov 12th 5:00 PM, 2018 : 

LBL facilities confirmed on their multiple day power outage to the IT datacenter (50B, 1275) over the weekend of Nov 10th. To accommodate all their scheduled work all our resources in the IT datacenter will be offline for the days mentioned above. 

All the clusters in our supercluster including Alice, Alsacc, Baldur, Catamount, Californium, Dirac, Explorer, Hbar, Jbei, Musigny, MHG, Nano, Vulcan, Voltaire, Xmas, Lawrencium and all associated condos will be powered off and offline for the duration of this outage. Even the non supercluster resources like the Software Module Farm and ARES cluster infrastructure with all its services will also be offline for this duration.

Lawrencium Clusters