Lawrencium for Directorate Special Projects

LBNL has set aside 20% of available Lawrencium cores for Directorate allocation. The purpose of this allocation will be used to provide compute cycles for strategic projects and recruitment. This will vary from year to year depending on institutional investments. A Service Unit (SU) is defined as 1 core-hour on the current Lawrencium hardware.

Making a Request

Researchers needing compute time on a Linux cluster can submit their requests to Deputy Director Horst Simon through their respective Division Director. 

Allocation Mechanism

An allocation of 500K SUs can be made to individual PIs to be used by their staff and collaborators.


  • PIs requesting time on Lawrencium should understand the parameters of the offered service. Lawrencium is a Linux cluster with a high speed interconnect and parallel filesytem best suited for MPI scientific workloads.

  • All PIs and their users must have accounts on Lawrencium and are subject to the $25/mo per user account fee and standard policy regarding access and use.

  • At the beginning of the fiscal year period, PIs receive an allocation will have that amount applied to their project bank account.

  • PIs will be given the choice to either 1) Use only the allocated amount until it runs out or 2) Use the system for normal usage and the strategic allocation will offset their regular bill until it runs out after which prevailing usage rates apply.

  • Allocations are expired annually. Unused amounts are not permitted to “roll over.”

  • It is the responsibility of the PI and users to terminate Lawrencium accounts when they are no longer needed.